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Sweetpea McGee Children’s Boutique

By July 21, 2015 Local Spotlight

One day, I was at my son’s baseball game and ran into my friend and fellow baseball mom KaShara. Her daughter was rockin’ the cutest pony dress. The colors were vibrant and the pattern was more than adorable. She told me that she made the dress and that she creates and sells clothes.

I was impressed with her daughters dress, so I was looking forward to seeing her other design’s online

(See the pony print below.)


Photo from Sweetpea McGee Facebook Page.


Sweetpea McGee Children’s Clothing

KaShara has a beautiful eye for fabrics and patterns. You should check out her Facebook page to get a better look at her products.

Her prices are reasonable and you can tell by the style of her clothes that the quality is present.

Just look at these adorable Chambray & Lace Shorts. She sells these for only $24.00. There are some dresses in the low $60 range, but her products are all hand-made and she has fabrics and styles you can’t get everywhere.


As an entrepreneur, I love seeing other entrepreneurial moms do their thing.

Even though I’m a  mother to boys, I find myself looking at girls’ clothes often. I enjoy checking out the latest  fashions and find myself complaining about the lack of cute boy clothes.

Sometimes I have to buy the girl fashion and give it to my friend’s daughter because it is just too cute to pass up.

I hope you have a chance to visit Sweetpea McGee online and give some local Fort Collins love!

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  • Kelli Combest Rogers

    I LOVE Sweetpea McGee! We have 3 outfits currently and one on order! She designed a dress for my friend’s little girl’s birthday and is designing another one for another friend! She does AMAZING work!

  • That’s awesome to hear. I’m sure KaShara will be happy to see you talk so highly about her design!