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Sponsored Post: RJ’s Amazing Entertainment Party Tips

By June 15, 2016 Birthdays, Events, Local Spotlight, Sponsors

This month, local party expert Rina Jean (RJ) Bindi from RJ’s Amazing Entertainment provides the GUFC readership with some helpful advice for kid’s birthday parties when hiring professional entertainment. RJ specializes in parties for kids here in Northern Colorado: her company is known for their princess parties and face painting skills.


princess parties from RJ's Amazing Entertainment

Princesses from RJ’s Amazing Entertainment

Face painting from RJ's Amazing Entertainment

Face painting from RJ’s Amazing Entertainment

Top Tips from RJ: When Hiring Professional Party Entertainment

Hiring a professional company means the entertainers are trained and educated about their role.
For RJ, this guarantees the entertainers are all using cosmetic grade face paints, sanitizers, and cosmetic grade glitter (which will not damage a child’s eyes).

Once, upon interviewing a girl who had been face painting as a hobbyist for 5 years, I discovered she was using Tempura acrylic craft paints on children! She had no idea that type of acrylic is toxic and should never be put on skin. All of our entertainers are interviewed, educated, and use only the best, cosmetic grade products available to us. – RJ Bindi

Know how many kids are attending the party and their ages.
This gives your entertainers a better feel for the type of entertainment needed and allows them to leave enough time to include interaction with each participant.

Share your goals for the event with the professionals.
Is it to have an intimate, fun experience? Or do you want the professionals to provide quality, fast paced entertainment for a large group? If you’re unsure about what services will be a great fit for your event it is best to talk about it with the professionals. They are usually more than willing to help you figure out what works best for your needs.

Have your guests arrive at least 30 minutes before the professionals begin.
If you have a princess or superhero party, make sure everyone has arrived before the professionals. People often show up late, but the professional do not. It is good to make sure everyone has arrived so everyone can participate in the fun!

It’s the perfect time for fun outdoor birthday parties…or events. Growing Up Fort Collins’ readers (must be first time customer) receive a $20 discount with the code GUFC (not to be included with other discounts).

RJ’s offers many different types of party experiences including:

  • balloon twisters
  • henna artists
  • airbrush tattoo artists
  • glitter tattoos

Contact RJ’s Amazing Entertainment
You can find more information about this awesome local business by visiting the website. You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. RJ also has an awesome Pinterest account you may want to follow for fun birthday ideas and inspiration.

If you’d like to give RJ’s a call, the number is: (970) 377-0093


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