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Celebrate Fort Collins Giveaway 2015

By December 1, 2015 Contest

It’s Like Your Birthday, but BETTER!

One lucky winner is going to say goodbye to 2015 with a WONDERFUL prize package filled with Fort Collins amazingness. It’s the annual Celebrate Fort Collins Giveaway, and this year’s winner could be YOU!

The Scoop Blog Network is in its 3rd year of hosting this giveaway, which has turned into the largest collaborative giveaway in the entire city of Fort Collins (Wahoo!) All you have to do is submit entries and at the end of the month we will pick ONE PERSON WHO WINS IT ALL.

The only caveat is that the winner must take photos of his or herself having fun enjoying the different prizes throughout the year and send them to the blogger for Feasting Fort Collins aka The Scoop Blog Network Bosslady. That way, we all can live vicariously through the winner AND get excited for next year’s give-away.

Celebrate FoCo

How It Works

1. Click on the Rafflecopter system in order to collect your entries.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
2. It will show you how much time is left to enter, how many people have submitted entries, and how many entries you’ve earned.

Each reader will get:

  • two entries for telling us which is your favorite blog in the network
  • five entries for telling us why they are your favorite
  • five entries for giving us more constructive criticism
  • five entries for  sharing your thoughts on subscriptions
  • one entry for every blog account you follow on social media
  • three entries each for signing up for newsletters
  • five entries for every time you tweet this contest to your friends on twitter (entrants can do this once a day)

HINT: The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning! One reader (hopefully a GUFC one!) will be randomly selected and emailed to pick up the most epic prize pack given away in Fort Collins.   

The Backstory

With this giveaway, The Scoop Blog Network gives one lucky reader the opportunity to explore and enjoy our city for what it really is… the giveaway connects readers together with ideas, businesses, neighbors, and community.

This is also a time for us as a network to get a bunch of feedback from our readers. In the giveaway questions we always ask what we can do better. And then we try to accomplish that goal.

Here’s what we did in 2015 thanks to all of your constructive criticism:

1. More photos- We upgraded to a galleries option in our new theme and added Instagram to our social media repertoire.

2. Mobile-friendly design- While we didn’t have enough funds to create a whole new website that merged all of the blogs, we did upgrade our theme so that we could achieve this goal.

3. Update the happy hour list more often- We did that thanks to Lianna and her Happy Hour Fort Collins app!!

4. Best of or top recommendation lists- We still need to be better at this. Kristin started guides on Fresh Air Fort Collins, but not so much on Feasting Fort Collins. However, we have some actionable plans for 2016 that we’re working on.

5. More guest posts- We created guest post guidelines, and the door is open, but it seems that people really aren’t keen on writing.

6. Better search functions- The new website theme has helped, but we could maximize/clean up category lists better this year.

7. More music info on Entertaining Fort Collins- Done – much more music than other arts. Still keeping balance with other forms of art and culture, though!

8. More beginner guide posts on Fresh Air Fort Collins- Done – adventure guides are on the homepage!

9. Font sizes are difficult to read- Fixed with new theme!

10. More before and now posts on Forgotten Fort Collins- Done and done! There were some things that we couldn’t knock out because it was way out of our budget. But we do what we can!

So we hope to hear from you aaaand I hope one of my loyal readers wins this year. Good luck! And get busy!

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