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Good Cheap Fun

Where, Oh Where 1
Good Cheap Fun

Where, Oh Where?

By On June 4, 2013

  Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of “Where, Oh Where?”, the low stakes game of hide and seek around Fort Collins! For today’s challenge, take a guess where this lovely picture… Read More

Fort Collins Farmers Market
Farmers' Markets

Good Cheap Fun at a Farmers’ Market

By On May 28, 2013

  Okay, I confess. The fun we had at the Larimer County Farmers’ Market this weekend was not exactly cheap. In fact, we spent a considerable amount of money on tomato starters,… Read More

Princess Storytime Buttercream
Good Cheap Fun

Good Cheap Fun: Princess Storytime

By On May 21, 2013

  What do you get when you combine a cupcake, a princess, and a story?   You get Princess Storytime, otherwise known as The Holy Trinity of Toddlerhood. Every Thursday at noon,… Read More

Environmental Learning Center

Update: The Demise of a Fort

By On May 7, 2013

  Post Updated on May 7th, 2013: All good things must come to an end. Sadly, the fort described below has been demolished. Our recent trek through the ELC revealed that the… Read More

Good Cheap Fun

Good Cheap Fun: Where Food Snobs Cringe

By On March 5, 2013

  Consider yourself warned: food snobs may find the topic of this post to be rather cringe worthy. I don’t possess one iota of food snobbery, yet even I shudder a bit just… Read More

Foothills Mall

Good Cheap Fun: Foothills Mall Play Area

By On January 22, 2013

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard all about the impending destruction of the Foothills Mall. The wrecking ball is waiting and the decrepit old mall is destined for demolition.… Read More

City of Fort Collins

Good Cheap Fun: Passport to the Natural Areas

By On January 8, 2013

  My long-time readers know that I am a big proponent of our local natural areas and their educational programming. In 2012, my family and I explored many of the 39 local… Read More

Bath Garden Center

Good Cheap Fun: Reindeer at Bath Garden Center

By On December 18, 2012

  If you’ve procrastinated that visit with Santa, it’s too late to see the jolly fellow at Bath Garden Center and Nursery. He has moved on to other locales and will soon… Read More

Good Cheap Fun

Good Cheap Fun: Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt

By On December 4, 2012

  HOW does he know when you’ve been sleeping? HOW does he know when you’re awake? HOW does he know if you’ve been good or bad?  The possibilities are creepy, for goodness… Read More

Council Tree Library

Good Cheap Fun: Council Tree Library

By On November 13, 2012

  The cold weather is settling in and the days are getting shorter. Our trips to the playground are becoming less frequent and more bundled up. Our jaunts through the local natural… Read More