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Beau & Belle diaper: perfect for swimming

By November 1, 2016 Local Spotlight

If you’re familiar with Northern Colorado, you may know of the Grow with Me sale that occurs at The Ranch each fall. I find the best things there…one of the most useful things I purchased was almost 7 years ago; it was a re-usable swim diaper.

The swim diaper I found was used by both of my boys (who are five years apart) and I highly recommend using one for your kiddo. Re-usable swim diapers save money. Rather than having to buy disposable ones each time you swim, just pop on the bottoms and when you’re done swimming throw them in the wash. It is so convenient. Recently I learned about a Colorado company that makes them…and the designs are so cute!

Beau & Belle Littles

This Colorado company found its focus on reusable-swimwear for babies and toddlers and it is so smart. The one-size-fits-all theme of the bottoms is genius, really. The diaper has snaps all about it so it can be resized as your kiddo grows. The bottoms fit one month-old babies and grow with the child until he or she is about two or three depending on the size of your child.

You can learn more about the product by connecting with the company on Facebook. There is also a website you can access.

If you haven’t tried a reusable swim bottom, I HIGHLY recommend it. As I said, I’m a huge fan of the product…even though I haven’t tried Beau & Belle (my kids are now 3 and 8) I still have used reusable swimmies before and they are SO CUTE. Check it out:

My little one in a reusable swim diaper.

My little one in a reusable swim diaper.



Another reusable swim diaper. You can’t go wrong!

As you can see I like to have more than one on hand. You have to wash them and in the summer we like to go to the pool often. If you decide to try out this local company, I’d love to hear about your experience so I can share it with the GUFC readership!

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